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bale_lims's Journal

Christian Bale Last Icon Maker Standing Community
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Welcome to the Christian Bale Last Icon Maker Standing Community. This is an icon challenge community dedicated to the talented actor, Christian Bale who is know for his acting in films such as American Psycho, The Prestige and The Machinist. Each week one or more icon makers will be eliminated based on the number of votes they receive. Anyone can join just as long as they enter the sign up post before it closes.
Maintainer: tybone


1. All icons must be Livejournal standard, no more than 40 kb, 100x100 px or less. Animations are allowed. Textures, brushes, etc are okay to use but if you use a picture that was not provided for you, you will be disqualified.
2. You may get 1 additional bye by promoting in other communities or journals. Byes are no longer permitted when it comes down to the final five.
3. Do not plagiarize. Copying a composition or out right stealing an icon is frowned upon and will result in disqualification. Please contact the mod if you see any stolen icons.
4. You can not vote for yourself or have your friends vote for you. Doing so will result in automatic disqualification from the round.
Sign ups are closed. Watch the community for Round Six.


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Comment on this post if interested in affiliation.

Layout Credit: minty_peach
Graphics Credit: tybone
Pictures Credit: Awesome Bale and/or Christian Bale Fan
If you have any questions, contact me at tybone@livejournal.com or just post it in the form of a comment.